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Agility flow

A tool that you, without technical knowledge, creates systems that took months to go into production. Platform Features


Automate processes and build your systems in minutes with Agilityflow

Innovate quickly and without limits

The platform is simple and customizable, all using drag and drop features.

You can use it in any area of ​​your business.

Below are examples of using agilityflow, including but not limited to.

Below are examples of using agilityflow, including but not limited to.
The agilityflow platform is an open canvas and can be customized with any flow, process or report.

• PTO programming
• Request refund
• Hiring approval
• Selection process
• Bonus approval
• Research and Evaluation

• Sales funnel
• Budget
• Proposal submission
• Opportunity tracking
• Customer ratings
• Discount approval

  • Import and export
    Request for goods
    Purchase approval
    Registration and approval of suppliers
  • Access request for new users
  • Network access blocking
  • Opening of tickets
  • Equipment request
  • Application for IT services and development
  • Route approval
  • Freight approval
  • Registration and approval of vessel programming.
  • Registration and approval of carriers and automobiles.
  • Delivery request
  • Boarding approval
  • Lawyer letter approval
  • Contract approval
  • Request for contract annex
  • Document repository
  • Digital encyclopedia (library)
  • Tracking and timing
  • Bills to pay
  • Invoices to receive
  • Forecast of expenses and income Financial results Credit/Loan
  • Application and
  • Approval Refund
  • approval Billing
  • Approval of the campaign budget
  • Media plan approval
  • Campaign approval
  • Summary of projects and campaigns
  • Sending material to the client
  • Sending material to supplier
  • Follow-up assignments
  • Resource allocation time sheet
  • Profitability per project
  • Delivery of material to the client
  • Delivery of material to supplier
  • Physician registration
  • Patient registration
  • Appointment
  • Schedulin
  • Exam calendar and request
  • Registration and consultation of results
  • Anamnesis Medical history
  • Progress Report Request for clinical examinations
  • Service Log / Comments
  • Exercise Log Submit and demonstrate cardiovascular and aerobic exercises.
  • Plans and amortizations
  • Guest registration
  • Accreditation
  • Supplier registration and control
  • Personnel control and registration
  • Material receipt
  • Gift delivery and control
  • Satisfaction survey
  • Work budget Budget
  • Control Construction monitoring
  • Supplier control
  • Expense report
  • Delivery and receipt of material
  • Change Request Values
  • Expired product control
  • Product request Order
  • Pickup Schedule
  • eCommerce integration
  • Meeting room
  • Notarial service request
  • Agilityflow is dynamic and simple to create any flow and process.

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